Experiential Sojourns present off beat experiences like living in colonial era bungalows, over a century old tea estates to a sophisticated homestay with regional nobility in their own courtyards. Staying in these places offer a most unique flavor one can get of in that region.

It could even be just being part of nature's splendour and creating one's own trail on a mountain bike. A part of this experience includes enjoying the pure countryside, the unsullied and beautiful aspect of Pure India. Yes every experience will stand out; every experience will be a sojourn.

  • Devi Ratn
  • Tree of Life Resort & Spa
  • Amanbagh
  • Shahpura Bagh Shahpura
  • The Serai Jaisalmer
  • Ista
  • Glenburn Tea Estate Darjeeling
  • The Brunton Boatyard Cochin
  • Vivanta by Taj- Malabar Cochin
  • Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda