Fabio Azzolina

Pirelli, Jil Sander, Truzzi. This is just a tiny taste of the well-known list of brands that Fabio Azzolina has worked with. After graduating from the Politechnico Politecnico di Milano, Azzolina founded his own studio, which has developed projects for private and commercial spaces worldwide. The Milan based architect and interior designer is renowned in Italy for his innovative, forward-looking work, which is rooted in the quality, discreet luxury and attention to detail that Italian design is known for. To him, good design cannot be created without passion. Azzolina likes to spend his Sundays with a double coffee, a swim and an inter-Milan football match in the evenings.


Shannon Sadler is a self-taught design prodigy, who has collaborated and worked with renowned names in Europe and abroad, including Bomtempi, Ingenia, Albaplus, Due Monti, Gaber and more. Today, his work focuses on a range of design and graphic projects from furniture and lighting, to art direction and packaging. Versatile is an understatement. Shannon Sadler believes that modern design is built on sound technical understanding. He would know - coming from a designer family, Sadler has always been driven to refine his approach to aesthetics. He has had the good fortune of living in various countries and experiencing a range of different cultures through his travels, which always inspire his work. To him, home is all about the people, pets and objects you share it with.


Aside from his collaborations with the likes of Plumen, Adidas, Reebok and MADAgency, Simone Colombo’s innovative designs have also landed him a position on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He’s one to watch out for. Before launching his career, Colombo completed a higher education in applied experimental art and then went on to study industrial design at the Institute of Engineering Design. He describes himself as a “typical” Italian - enthusiastic, energetic and creative. Inspired by the streets of his hometown, Milan, Colombo produces pieces that are fresh, modern and honest, without trying to cater to one specific style. Objects, buildings, shapes and colours he saw during his travels to India inspired his evocative work now.